Our goal is to reimagine the recreational and professional water sports industry through innovative, durable, and environmentally friendly products. Using our proprietary HULKLITE™ polymer material and patented manufacturing process, Free Form Factory is committed to building high-quality, high-performance watercrafts that will give you access you cannot obtain on an internal combustion watercraft. Free of exhaust and fuel, the Gratis X1 is unrestricted on some of the world’s most pristine waterways.

Our proprietary polymer blend, coupled with our patented thermoforming manufacturing technology produces a super strength material that will allow riders from all levels to progress in their abilities, while being 100% recyclable. Start focusing on your path rather than worrying about damaging your hull.

The Gratis X1 features a 100% electric powertrain developed by the experts at Zero Motorcycles. Zero produces high-performance electric motorcycles that are lightweight and efficient. The complete Z-Force® powertrain, is designed to safely withstand the demands of even the most aggressive off or on-road use. The result is a safe and incredibly powerful technology that is long lasting, scales rapidly and is reliable. With a decade of success in electric powered vehicles, Zero is the perfect partner to power the Gratis X1.

The backlight LCD dash, integrated into the handle pole pad, conveniently displays the state of charge, time, speed, riding profile, allowing you to select between: Sport, Eco, and Custom. Further connectivity can be provided by the Gratis X1 App.
The app connects you directly to your Gratis X1 through Bluetooth with your IOS or Android device, allowing you to customize your ride experience and performance, review ride data, state of charge, build your own mobile dash/display, and much more. You can now be fully connected to your watercraft.